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A affiliated College under Vidyasagar University
Recognized by UGC under 2f and 12 B

Govt. Of West Bengal

Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Cell, Jhargram Raj College


Jhargram Raj College, in its continuous efforts to foster an atmosphere that motivates students and faculty to engage in research and creativity, has recognized the pivotal role of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in higher education. IPR serves as a mechanism to safeguard the Intellectual Property (IP) of individuals involved in innovation and research. The scope of IPR has evolved to encompass a wide range of IP forms such as copyright, Geographical Indications (Gi), trademarks, and designs, ensuring comprehensive protection for all facets of human ingenuity across various industries. In line with this, the college established an IPR cell on January 20, 2022, acknowledging the critical need to protect the intellectual property rights of educators and learners. This IPR cell, through workshops and seminars, aims to offer a clear understanding of the rights and obligations of those interested in conducting research, inspiring and exciting them about the potential benefits. Additionally, the cell endeavours to educate individuals on methods to safeguard the IPs of their research endeavours, further emphasizing the importance of these objectives.


IPR Seminar 16.03.2022



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