Innovative Teaching Learning Strategy for Mordern Pedagogy.(29.08.2020)

Topic : Argument Driven Inquiry Pedagogy & Concept Mapping with C-Map 
Topic : Digital Platform for Future learning 

An Overview of Experimental Physics & its Application (12.09.2020)

Senior Scientist , Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). 
Deputy Project Director, for the RF system of Chandrayaan-2 (Orbiter)
Topic : Linking space mission and Basic Concept of Physics 
Topic : Experiments in Science Triggering the Change. 
Career Prospects with Degree Physics. (20.09.2020)
  • Prof. Anjan Kumar Chaki
Topic : Scopes in Physics after Graduation. 
  • Dr. Shantanu Dhar
Topic : How to make yourself Exam-ready. 
Remembering Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar on his 200th Birth Aniversary (03.10.2020)
  • Prof. Ashokendu Sengupta
Retired Professor, Dept of Physics,JRC And Former Chairperson, WBCPCR, Advisor Pratichi Trust.
Topic : Introductory Speech on Vidyasagar 
  • Dr. Sabyasachi Chatterjee
Former HOD, History Department, Kalyani University.
Topic : Bigyan Chintar Bikash e Vidyasagar. 
  • Mr. Nandagopal Patra
Asst. Teacher, Digha Debendralal Jagabandhu Sikshasadan, W.B, Writer & Environmentalists
Topic : Chena Achena Vidyasagar. 
Environmental Sustainability through Green Technology : Present & Future (17.10.2020)
  • Dr. Shantanu Bhowmik
Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering in Amrita University. 
Adjunct Professor, Centre for Future Meterial Dept. Quinsland, Australia. 
  • Dr. Goutam Kumar Dalapati
Associate Professor of SRM University, Visiting faculty of NUS Singapur. 
Online Career Counseling Program. (01.08.2020)
Topic : Career paths after Class 10 onwards. 
Topic : Strategies to clear IAS Exam. 
Topic : Prospectus of Science Students after 10+2 
Topic : Roads to WB Civil Service. 


Outreach Programme