Assistant Professor

 Educational qualification: Ph.D

 Teaching interests: Solid State Physics

 Teaching experience: 9 years

 Area of research interest: Solar Cell and Detector Structures

Selected Journal Papers:

1. Dey, Some Nath and Dutta, Ushasi. (2014). Early evolution of quantum mechanics, a brief story. Aureole, Vol 5 (1), ISSN 0976-9625, 13-19.

2. Das R., Dutta U, Ray S and Chatterjee P  (2007)“Modelling of experimentally measured optical characteristics of ITO/TiO2 transparent multi-layer heat shields”. Journal of Physics D: Applied PhysicsVolume 40Number 8, pp. 2445-2541.

3.Palit N, Dutta U and Chatterjee P (2006) Detailed computer modeling of semiconductor devices (84) 11-35 .

4. Dutta U,Chatterjee P, Tchakarov S, Uszpolevicz M, Roca i Cabarrcas P, (2005)“Metastable defect migration under high carrier injection in hydrogenated amorphous silicon pin solar cells.” Journal of Applied Physics 98 .

5. Dutta U, Chatterjee P, Roca I Cabarrocas P, Chaudhuri P and Vanderhaghen R, (2004) “Calculation of the position dependent inner collection efficiency in PIN solar cells using an electrical-optical model.” Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, Vol 338-340 pp. 677 .

6.Tchakarov S, Dutta U, Roca I Cabarrocas Pand Chatterjee P, (2004) “Modeling of reverse bias dark currents in PIN structures using amorphous and polymorphous silicon” Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, Vol 338-340, pp. 766 .

7.  Dutta U, and Chatterjee P, (2004) “The open circuit voltage in amorphous silicon p-i-n solar cells and its relationship to material, device and dark diode parameters”  Journal of Applied Physics, Vol 96,pp 2261.

 8. Tchakarov S,  Roca-i-Cabarrocas P, Dutta U, Chatterjee  Pand Equer B,(2003) “Experimental study and modeling of reverse-bias dark currents in PIN structures using amorphous and polymorphous silicon”  Journal of Applied Physics, Vol 94, pp. 7317


 Selected Conference Paper:

1. “ The inner collection efficiency in solar cells calculated on the basis of an electrical optical optical model” by U. Dutta, P. Chatterjee, P. Roca I Cabarrocas, R. Vanderhaghen, proceedings of the Twenty Sixth National Renewable Energy Convention of Solar Energy Society of India and International Conference on New Millenium-Alternative Energy Solution for Sustainable Development, PSG Tech, Coimbatore 17th-19th January 2003.      

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