The Department of Physiology, Jhargram Raj College, Govt. of West Bengal has a glorious history of progress since its inception in 1985.

The two-year degree course in Physiology (General) was introduced in the year 1986 after approval from The University of Calcutta. Later, in the year 1995, Vidyasagar University approved the introduction of a three-year Honours course in the subject.

The department has produced a number of students who performed remarkably well and obtained very good marks throughout this long time period. Most of them have achieved proper success in many spheres of life and excel in various academic arena such as, schools, colleges, research laboratories, medical institutions etc. The department has spacious class rooms with modern teaching aids and well-equipped laboratories with sufficient instruments, chemicals & glasswares.

The teachers of the department follow the university syllabus strictly and take theory & practical classes as per the guidelines of Vidyasagar University. Teachers, with their utmost sincerity, always try to make the teaching process student-friendly and exciting to help them learn better and to excel in their future endeavours.