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Mission & Vision


“Ol-Chiki means quest for knowledge.”

Guru Gomkey Pandit Raghunath Murmu


“Sedae tahe kana, ol do tahe kana
Bidu-Chandan then tahe kana
Naha khor ko mena, nawa sirjon kana
Ol do tabo bae tahe kana
Ol hirin lena, katha tahen kana
Ol menak te ror do menak gea
Ol doe Bidu kan, Chiki Chandan kanae
Ol-Chiki Bidu-Chandan kanae
Ol doe oron kana, Chiki gorhon kana
Orong gorhon Ol-Chiki kana.”


Ol-Chiki Script


“In ancient time, there was a script
And it was with Chandan
People would say that it was a new creation
Because then there was no script
Writing was not there, but the stories were there
Because the writing is there, we have also the words now
Writing (Ol) is Bidu, Chiki is Chandan
Ol-Chiki imbibes Bidu and Chandan
Writing is expression, Chiki is what we think
Ol Chiki is how we write our thoughts.”


Henry Vivian Louis Derozio


"And how you worship truth’s omnipotence
What joyance rains upon me, when I see
Fame, in the mirror of futurity,
Weaving the chaplets, you have yet to gain
And then I feel I have not lived in vain."

- Henry Vivian Louis Derozio, to the students of
Hindoo College, 1831


The college since its inception has been serving the districts of Medinipur and the greater portions of Manbhum (comprising of the districts of Purulia and Bankura). Trees, shrubs and bushes and, hills and hillocks amidst a red earth and, the tribes living here are what distinguish this area from other parts of the state. Jhargram Raj College pays homage to Henry Vivian Louis Derozio as well as to Pandit Raghunath Murmu. Both strived for quest of knowledge and both inspired students to ask questions and look for the truth. Jhargram Raj College welcomes ideas, inventions and, innovations.

Jhargram Raj College being a government college offering quality education programmes at UG as well as a few PG levels takes a special place in the area. Many students of this college come from extremely poor families and under-privileged sections of the society and, are often the first-generation learners. Their requirements are quite different from that of the students belonging to middle class and comparatively well-to-do families. To achieve what is required of it, Jhargram Raj College functions accordingly to impart good and quality education in particular and contribute towards social welfare in general.

The college consistently works towards:

  • Spreading education and awareness.
  • Making youths socially responsible and able to undertake the social responsibilities that are demanded of a good citizen.
  • Grooming students as sensitive men and women.
  • Providing a process of learning via activities that cross-links the society with education.
  • Imparting values that lead to accountability for the society at large.
  • Inculcating a sense of understanding for self as well as for others.



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