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The Nostalgia of Yesteryears

The Raja and the Vice Chancellor:

Raja Narasingha Malla Ugal Sanda Deb, the King of Jhargram, was a student of History (Hons) in Presidency College in the 1930s.

His teacher of Economics at Presidency was Dr Pramathabath Banerjee, Minto Professor of Economics, who later went on to become the Vice Chancellor of the University of Calcutta (1946 - 1949)

The Raja (a pupil of Professor Pramathanath Banerjee) and the Vice Chancellor (teacher of the Raja) and the Khaira Professor Dr Pabitra Kumar Sen, Kumar Guruprasad Singh of Khaira Chair of Agriculture, the University of Calcutta, made history. Jhargram Agricultural College (later on to be known as Jhargram Raj College) was established in 1949.

Jhargram Raj College is situated at the town of Jhargram, the District Head Quarters of the newly created District of Jhargram. The area is a place of natural beauty. The college is set in a huge campus of 313 acres amid the serene and verdant forests of primordial trees such as Mahua, Sal, Piasal etc. It has registered a spectacular growth over the years since its inception. In 1949, the young Raja of Jhargram, Raja Sir Narasingha Malla Ugal Sanda Deb, OBE, KBE, at the request of Pramathanath Banerjee, the then Vice Chancellor of Calcutta University, made a bequest of Rupees One Lakh in cash and 450 bighas of land for the first agricultural college of West Bengal at Jhargram. The Khaira Professor of Agriculture Dr Pabitra Kumar Sen who was the first principal of the college, helped with the Khaira Endowment Fund. The building was raised in 1951 and Jhargram Agricultural College was promoted to the degree standard with a two-years’ B.Sc. course. However, Calcutta University could not meet the financial requirements for long and in 1953 the college was handed over to the Government of West Bengal with the teaching of Agriculture retained only up to the I.Sc. standard and teaching of B.Sc. in Agriculture was taken over by the Government Agricultural College at Tollygunge, Calcutta. Founded in 1949 as Jhargram Agricultural College, Jhargram Raj College grew into a hallowed centre of higher learning, offering to the undergraduate students a whole array of subjects from three disciplines of Arts, Commerce and Science. Initially affiliated to the University of Calcutta, the college came under affiliation of Vidyasagar University in 1985. On 8th May, 1999, the college celebrated the completion of 50 years of its glorious existence. In 2005, the college introduced its first Postgraduate course in Chemistry. Gradually, Postgraduate courses in Zoology and Bengali also came into being from 2006 and 2008, respectively. Different minor and major research projects funded by different government agencies are carried out by the faculty members of various departments of the college. The faculties regularly participate in seminars, workshops etc. and their research papers are regularly published in reputed journals and periodicals. These activities lead to involve and motivate the students, especially those who are pursuing postgraduate courses in this college, to a research career. In its sixty-eight years of existence, the college has witnessed the changes with time and it has been prepared accordingly to cope with the changes and offer better education to its students. Many of the alumni of the college are at the top positions of various government and non-government organisations. Many are reputed academicians. Many have made names in the field of art, music, literature etc. While the college takes pride in them, it busies itself with the duty of grooming the present students and looks forward to a brighter future for the coming generations.

The Teaching and Support Staff who started the college:

Dr Pabitra Kumar Sen, Kumar Guruprasad Singh of Khaira Professor of Agriculture (Principal).
Sri K. L. Mukherjee, Lecturer in Chemistry.

Sri B. B. Bose, Lecturer in Mathematics & Statistics.
Sri L. C. Ghosh, Lecturer in English.
Sri N. L. Pakrasi, Lecturer in Agricultural Economics.
Sri B. N. Bhattacharya, Lecturer in Agricultural Botany.
Sri D. C. Das, Lecturer in Bengali.

Sri M. K. Moolanim, Lecturer in Agriculture.
Sri A. C. Ukil, Lecturer in Chemistry.
Sri P. K. Mitra, Lecturer in Agricultural Zoology.
Sri G. H. Guha, Lecturer in Physics & Agricultural Meteorology.
Sri A. Satpati, Demonstrator.
Sri N. G. Roy, Demonstrator.
Sri M. Sengupta, Demonstrator.
Sri P. Mukherjee, Laboratory Assistant.
Sri R. Roy, Farm Superintendent.
Sri K. N. Sinha, Dairy Superintendent.
Sri D. C. Chatterjee, Fieldman Overseer.
Sri P. M. Dasgupta, Agricultural Engineering Overseer.
Sri Rabindranath Roy, Office Assistant.
Sri D. Roy, Office Assistant.
Sri S. C. Giri, Office Assistant.


The First Batch of students graduating from Jhargram Agricultural College: Intermediate Examination in Science (Agriculture) held in March 1951 (The University of Calcutta)


Das, Chandrasekhar, Jhargram Agricultural College.
Majumdar, Sunilkumar, non-collegiate student (Jhargram Agricultural College).
Goswami, Nagendranath, Jhargram Agricultural College.
Chattopadhyay, Debabrata, Jhargram Agricultural College.
Raychaudhuri, Amiyakumar, Jhargram Agricultural.
Jana, Chittaranjan, Jhargram Agricultural Collage.
Sagar Chandra Singha Mahapatra, Jhargram Agricultural College.
Mukhopadhyay, Gorachand, Jhargram Agricultural College.
Panda, Lakshmikanta, Jhargram Agricultaral College.
Jana. Saktisinha, Jhargram Agricultural College.
Chattopadhyay, Narayanprasad, non-collegiate student (Jhargram Agricultural College).
Mandal, Suryanarayan, Jhargram Agricultural College.
Basu Tejendrachandra, Jhargram Agricultural College.
Ray, Bhabeschandra, Jhargram Agricultural College.
Ghosh, Satyendranath, non-collegiate student (Jhargram Agricultural College).
Das, Indubikas, Jhargram Agricultural College.


Adhiknri, Syamalkumar, non-collegiate student (Jhargram Agricultural College).
Basu, Arunprakas, Jhargram Agricultural College.
Biswas, Subirkumar, Jhargram Agricultural College.
Chakrabarti, Sudhirkumar, Jhargram Agricultural College.
Chattopadhyay, Syamdas, non-collegiate student (Jhargram Agricultural College).
Datta, Ajitkumar, non-collegiate student (Jhargram Agricultural College).
De, Kanailal, Jhargram Agricultural College.
Ghosh, Amiyakumar, Jhargram Agricultural College.
Giri, Rameshchandra, Jhargram Agricultural College.
Mahata, Jatindranath, Jhargram Agricultural College.
Mahata, Upendranath, Jhargram Agricultural College.
Maiti, Sriharicharan, Jhargram Agricultural College.
Maitra, Utpal, non-collegiate student (Jhargram Agricultural College).
Majumdar, Sudhansukumar, Jhargram Agricultural College.
Ray, Ranajitkumar, non-collegiate student (Jhargram Agricultural College).
Sen, Dilipkumar, non-collegiate student (Jhargram Agricultural College).
Sen, Sibendu, non-collegiate student (Jhargram Agricultural College).


Basu, Madanmohan, Jhargram Agricultural College.


Bandyopadhyay, Niranjan, non-collegiate student, (Jhargram Agricultural College).
Basu, Arunchandra, non-collegiate student (Jhargram Agricultural College).
Basu, Tarunkumar. non-collegiate student (Jhargram Agricultural College).
Biswas, Santoshkumar, non-collegiate student (Jhargram Agricultural College).
Chakrabarti, Arunkumar, non-collegiate student (Jhargram Agricultural College).
Dasgupta, Bholanath. Jhargram Agricultural College.
Dasgupta, Jaydeb, Jhargram Agricultural College.
Dattaray, Pranabkumar, non-collegiate student (Jhargram Agricultural College).
Nanda, Satyendranath, Jhargram Agricultural College.
Praharaj. Phanibhushan, Jhargram Agricultural College.
Ray, Dulalkumar, non-collegiate student (Jhargram Agricultural College).
Ray, Niradkumar, non-collegiate student (Jhargram Agricultural College).
Sarkar, Debabrata, non-collegiate student (Jhargram Agricultural College).
Sen, Dulalranjan, Jhargram Agricultural College.
Sengupta, Parimalchandra, non-collegiate student (Jhargram Agricultural College).

(There were 337 students on the rolls of the college in 1953)



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